Friday, February 11, 2005


01 Project Summary

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I have been taking part in the practical phase of this project both as a student in workshops and as a teacher/facilitator in my own classes. This work has resulted in clearing the English Grammar for myself and for my students too. The new insights gained from understanding the main ideas of Dilemmatic Grammar has given me the chance to create a learning environment in which there are exercises focusing on MEANING to start with.During the lessons we are engaged in person centered and tailor made activities such as Chatterboxing,JigSawing, HotSpot Reading, LipWriting and SlipWriting to mention a few.
This new attititude towards Grammar has helped me establish a real 'English-speaking' community based on acquisition-reach learning in a medium size town of Hungary near the Ukrainian border.I have the intention to learn my students before teaching them therefore it is my studens's need I focus on when selecting the material for the lessons. All the groups from the very beginning use only English in class as they feel safe.Slips,errors, and attempts are considered as opportunities to learn from instead of mistakes to get punished for. The linguistic analysis has no part in the classes as it is left for those who need the language for analytical purposes i.e. learning about it rather than actually learning it.
I agree from the bottom of my heart that person centered teaching is an art rather than a science and I feel closer to perform it with the approach gained from this project.
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